St. John the Evangelist's Church, Washingborough, Lincolnshire

St. John the Evangelist Parish Registers are held at the Lincolnshire Archives Office. In June 2006, Bob & Patricia Chown visited the office, and provided the following information:
"Some general points about the Parish Register for this period. It is pigskin parchment that does not photograph well but was usually straightforward to read. Entries were in Latin, sometimes poor Latin, until at least 1665. The christenings register only mentioned the father before 1640. The period 1564 to 1600 was all in one hand so must have been transcribed from loose sheets or skins as guidelines suggest. The year change for some reason was written in the lefthand margin opposite October up until 1600 and the years were not always clear. IGI seems to have been taken from the BT film and has large gaps where this film was hard to read.

We sought advice from the archivists on the names and they felt that, whatever the Curate/Rector/Scribe wrote, the folk used English names, Johannes was John, Maria was Mary, Anna was Ann or Anne, etc. when addressing one another."