Kedington, Suffolk

KEDINGTON or KETTON…Information from Whites Directory of Nine Counties 1844…2400 acres of land and 710 souls, of which about 800 acres and 82 souls are in Hinckford Hundred, Essex. A farm of 34a.3r.34p.,at Sturmer in Essex, belongs jointly to the parishes of Sturmer & Kedington and is vested in twelve feoffees, pursuant to ancient deeds, in trust to apply the rents and profits in equal moieties for the repairs of the churches, and relief of the poor of the two parishes. It is a let for £35 per annum, so that Kedington receives £17.10.0 yearly, and one moiety thereof is applied in the service of the church and the other for educating and apprenticing the poor children. About 3 acres, called Town Land and Rope Acre, are held by the churchwardens of Kedington for the repairs of the church, and are let for about £3.10.0 per annum.
Sir Thos. Barnardiston was vested a baronet 1663, he was lord of the hall, which has long since gone(1844).

Kedington is on the border of Suffolk and Essex. For consistency purposes to enable grouping of the families, the county of Suffolk has been assigned.

St. Peter & St. Paul's Church, Kedington, Suffolk