Doodlakine is located 220 km ENE of Perth, Western Australia. It is situated within the Shire of Kellerberrin along the Great Eastern Highway. The town also contains a crossing loop for trains on the Perth to Kalgoorlie railway, and serves as a stop on the Avonlink rural train service.
The area was first visited by Europeans in 1864 when explorers came and charted the area. The word Doodlakine is Aboriginal word for a rock formation that is located North of the townsite.
An area close to the townsite, along the road to the Yilgarn goldfields and near a reliable water supply, was set aside in 1891 for a town to be established. This was gazetted as the Doodlakine townsite in the same year. Later a railway line was constructed through the area about 3 km South of the town, and the government soon subdivided area along the line. This area was gaztted as a second aprt of the townsite in 1899.[2]
The town overflows with people one time a year for a music concert held at the pub. Hundreds of people come from around the state and camp behind the pub.[3]
Doodlakine is affectionately known by the locals as "Doodlie".