Alice Kate WILLIAMS1

#18066, b. 16 September 1911, d. January 2005
Last Edited=2 Apr 2015
     Alice K. WILLIAMS was born on 16 September 1911.1
Alice married Frederick Alexander PASKE, son of John James PASKE and Martha PINCOTT, in 1983 in the Bristol registration district.2
Alice's death was registered in January 2005 in the Bristol registration district at the age of 93.1

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Alfreda BISHOP1

#18067, b. 8 June 1917, d. 1972
Last Edited=3 Apr 2015
     Alfreda BISHOP was born on 8 June 1917.2
Alfreda married David George PASK, son of James Thomas PASK and Jane PONTING, in 1947 in the Weston registration district.1
Alfreda's death was registered in 1972 in the Glamorgan registration district.2

Children of Alfreda BISHOP and David George PASK

  • Patricia C. PASK3
  • Gail PASK3

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